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Rural situated
campsites in Portugal



Portugal is an ideal holiday destination for relaxing, enjoying nature and visiting historic places. The different climate zones, ocean, hills and mountains make Portugal an excellent place for your holiday.

The Rota de Portugal, is a collaboration of 5 small campsites that want to make it easy for you to enjoy the diversity of Portugal. You set your own route based on your interests.

Also, when you have unexpected problems, you can rely on us. We speak the language and know the area. And, all this in a Portugal, where camping  is fun and affordable.


Camping with

10% discount

At the first campsite you will get a signed leaflet which will give you the discount (excl. electricity) at the next campsites, during a year.  Leaflets obtained at a fair gives the discount already at the first campsite. Our prices are in the low season comparable with other campsites which work with camping cheques and guide discounts.


There are 2 ways to arrange payment of the eletronic toll roads.
Or, you can buy credit on the internet.
Or, you will find on the page of the specific campsite where the nearest point of registration is. This will give you one month of using the electronic toll roads.
There are also still some old fashion toll road where you take a ticket and pay at the end, mostly with cash.


Did you get excited, but Portugal is a long way, think about renting a motorhome or car. Addresses for renting a motorhome are mcrent,
go caravaning
Portugal by van
Algarve campers

Tourist Information

On the different campsites different activities are offered, like walks, wine tastings of that particular region, Portuguese meals, massages and watersports like all kinds of surfing and canoeing.